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Toowoomba carpet cleaner Walk on Dry carpet cleaning has been developed for today’s carpets. 

There have been big changes in the construction of carpet and carpet fabrics over the last few years; most notably the pile on commercial and domestic carpet has become shorter. 

Because of the denser packed pile, airflow is reduced and the carpet is often left wetter. Add to this increased soil, dirt and detergent left behind. 

Because of these changes  Toowoomba carpet cleaner have the latest extraction cleaning methods leaving the carpet drier with no residual dirt left behind due to poor airflow and poor extraction 

Our Carpet cleaning system has been designed to maximise cleaning performance on today’s carpets. It works because it doesn't rely on airflow to clean or to dry.

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Toowoomba carpet cleaner


Toowoomba Carpet Cleaning


Why we at Toowoomba Carpet Cleaning: Clean Drier - Clean Better - Clean Greener & Healthier

  1. Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning Carpets are walk on dry straight away
  2. The Electrodry service leaves no Detergent Residue
  3. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch!
  4. The Electrodry system really does remove more stains than any other process.
  5. The original chemical balance in the carpet will be restored leaving your carpets looking naturally brighter.
  6. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch!
  7. The Healthguard™ in the Electrodry cleaning system removes harmful germs, bacteria and fungi from the carpet as part of the cleaning process.
  8. No wet smell after cleaning - just a light fresh lemon fragrance


The Electrodry Cleaning process includes:

  1. Electrodry Carpet CleaningAn industrial strength vacuum with rotating brushes is used to remove dry soils from the carpet and open the fibres up to receive the special process.
  2. Any particular distinguished stains are pre-treated with our solvent based dry cleaning solution or our specialised stain removal products ensuring best results**. Other stains are removed from the carpet as part of our process outlined below.
  3. Your carpets are treated with our exclusive dry cleaning solution. The solution removes stains that require an alkaline to remove them and at the same time with the embodied solvents acts to release and capture the oily soils from the carpet fibres. A think fibre absorbent pad that has been immersed in a hot acidic conditioning rinse, then wrung out, is applied to the carpet under a rotary machine that rotates the pad around on the carpet. The dry cleaning solution and the conditioning

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    Electrodry's range of cleaning services received "exclusive approval" from the National Asthma Council of Australia
    rinse, when combined, act together to release the oily soils from the carpet. The oily soils migrate up the fibre and are collected in the absorbent pad. The pads are continually changed during the process until the room is completely cleaned. The reaction between the Dry Cleaning solution and the acidic conditioning solution leases your carpet with the correct pH balance. It is the correct pH balance that rejuvenates the colour of your carpet.
  4. For the best possible results, your carpet is groomed after cleaning.

The Toowoomba Guarantee

14 day Satisfaction GuaranteeElectrodry gives all of its clients a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied we will re-clean your carpets free of charge.

**Some dye and acid based stains cannot be removed with general carpet cleaning systems and require specialised stain removal processes unique to that stain.