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{Name} guarantee Value, Service and Quality Workmanship for carpet, tile & grout, air conditioner, mattress, upholstery leather or fabric cleaning at your home or business. One of Australia’s most experienced in the industry - our unique Dryer™ system leaves your carpets Walk on Dry very quickly.

{Name} Dryer Carpet Cleaning - Walk on Dry

{Name} {Name} Dryer Carpet Cleaning - the benefit of the power of low moisture dryer cleaning and our unique drying process.

Your carpets can be Dryer cleaned in any weather with no concerns about long drying times. {Name} are specialists in Dryer carpet cleaning, totally committed to guaranteeing a professional service and result for your home or business.

{Name} is Australia's trusted name for carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, upholstery and leather cleaning, and healthy mattress cleaning for all residential and commercial locations.

Child and Pet Friendly:

{Name} Dry Steam Carpet Cleaners - Fast Dry Time Carpet Cleaning™

{Name} carpet dry steam cleaning process has been both environmentally responsible since our inception:  we're known for bringing our customers fast dry, healthy and long lasting results.

Call us when only genuine dryer steam carpet cleaning will do.

Guaranteed 'no mould, no residue from our cleaning':  why? Because we do not use harmful solvent cleaners

We're an Australian Owner Operated organisation:  that means that a local owner will deal directly with you.

At {Name} we specialise in cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain Tile and Grout, the most commonly used in homes and businesses today. We use the latest equipment available which includes specialty premium cleaning solutions designed to clean tile & grout. Our system enables us to restore your tile and grout floor back to it's original appearance and beauty, whether it's in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or around your pool.

When cleaning Ceramic and Porcelain Tile and grout, we first test the area to be cleaned to determine what chemicals are needed to perform the job correctly. Then we pre-treat the area to be cleaned with the proper cleaning solution and allow for the correct dwell time. Once this is completed we then steam clean the tile and grout and extract the soil simultaneously. We follow this process up by neutralizing the area to be sure that it is left at a neutral PH level. We will also explain to you the proper procedure for regular routine maintenance so that you can keep your tile and grout looking it's best all year round. Call us today to schedule your appointment

Once you have region clean your tile and grout you may want to protect your grout with Grout-Seal. Grout is porous and subject to staining if not properly sealed and most installers do not seal your grout when they install your tile.

Sealing the grout provides added protection against stains, as well as reduces routine maintenance and keeps your grout looking clean longer. Grout-Seal is an aqueous polymer solution which is used to provide water and oil stain resistance to your grout.

Grout-Seal resists both water and oil based stains and can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep your grout looking stain free longer. Grout-Seal prevents stain causing liquids from soaking into your grout. It protects against oil-based stains such as cooking oil, grease, motor oils and suntan lotions without creating a barrier coating.

Products made from Acrylics and Urethanes create a thick, glossy barrier coating and Siloxine based impregnators don't create a barrier, but lack the oil-stain protection of Grout-Seal's unique polymer chemistry.

With {Name} Grout-Seal you get long lasting oil and water stain protection that keeps your grout looking it’s best!

{Name} Upholstery Cleaning

Accidents happen…we'll help you clean it up.

Red stains, ink stains, food stains, bloods stains and much more! It is believable that your upholstery and carpet will get at least a couple of those stains in its life time. The {Name} team will take care of these little problems in the best way possible and at the same time will ensure that your carpet is as clean as it could be.

Discover What True Quality Is All About! What we offer | how we clean

Dust, sand, grime, and other pollutants gather over time, and can cause allergies, lead to the fabric deterioration and the need to replace these expensive items sooner than necessary. So have upholstery professionally cleaned and protect your investment from early wear and tear. We use steam or dry cleaning methods according to the fabric.

{Name} specialize in cleaning all fabric covered upholstery. We only use the best and latest upholstery cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Service equipment. Our technicians will advise you as to the best method to clean your upholstery once they have inspected it.

We give your upholstery a thorough cleaning to give you the best possible results.

We also have fabric protection available. Once your expensive furniture is thoroughly cleaned why not protect it from staining again? Use a fabric protector to protect them from spills etc. Please feel free to ask us about our fabric protection services before ordering a service!

Contact {Name} FREE quote on your upholstery cleaning

(Name} Leather Cleaning

We understand that every day wear and tear can take its toll on your leather furniture, making it look prematurely faded and dirty.

For The entire Home

Our Deep Cleaning Method cleans and freshens your upholstery, transforming not only your furniture but the appearance of your entire home!

Look No Further

Look no further than {Name} upholstery cleaning and Scotch guard upholstery protection methods.

For households with pets and small children, we recommend a combination of our unique Deep Cleaning Method and Scotch guard upholstery Protection treatments to prevent further stains.

You can rest assured that your living spaces will look their freshest and cleanest for many years to come.

We know what it takes to keep your furniture looking new, whether it’s a sofa, or an armchair. We understand that every day wear and tear can take its toll on your furniture, making it look prematurely faded and dirty.

The {Name} Process

*   Pre-vacuuming

*   Pre-conditioning

*   Dries in four hours

*   Pillows & cushions are included

*   Pre-spotting

*   Stain removal

*   Dries All Pillows

Our expert technician will evaluate your type of upholstery and contents of the fabric. We specialise in all types of upholstery fabric and are careful to use only the best cleaning method for your piece of furniture, ensuring safe and complete removal of even the most stubborn stains.

{Name} Dry Upholstery have developed our unique, Deep Cleaning Method that cleans and freshens your upholstery, transforming not only your furniture but the appearance of your entire home!

{Name} Mattress Cleaning

1/3rd of Your Life spent in bed - Shouldn’t we clean more than just the sheets?

Many people blame pollen or pet dander for their asthma and allergy problems, when in reality dust mites are recognized to be the main cause for asthma, chronic Rhinitis (hay fever), and other allergies. When dust mites grow, they shed their skin. The shedding skin and faeces are small enough to be easily breathed in by humans, and are what cause the allergic reactions. We recommend you to clean your mattress every six months.

Tips for Bed Allergies: While a mattress allergy may be annoying and problematic, there are solutions that work. You could go organic.

 At {Name} we use superior products to clean you Mattress. After the cleaning look for bedding guaranteed to be made of chemical-free, organically grown materials. If theses 2 simple tips don’t work it is time to schedule some allergy testing for dust mites and some of the more common chemicals and pesticides used to make Mattresses.

The sneezing, sniffling, and itching of allergies can cause fragmented sleep and your mattress may be to blame.

Over time, it can fill with mould, dust mite droppings, and other allergy triggers. Avoid these sleep wreckers by cleaning and sealing your mattress.

{Name} Air Conditioner Cleaning

Whether you have a split AC (air conditioner) or a window AC, the most important thing is to know whether they will perform smartly under tough circumstances. Since, we tend to use the air conditioners during the summer, we need to be prepared for their maintenance just in case they fail to perform up to the desired level.

The smooth functioning of your air conditioner relies on its proper maintenance. The Air conditioning filter is an important part of an AC. It should be changed regularly depending on its use. If not the air would be dirty and filled with pollutants. The dirty air conditioning filters also increases the air conditioning repair and maintenance cost. 

{Name} Split System Cleaning

{Name} uses a specialised environmentally friendly cleaner to help remove any mould and get into the areas where most cleaning methods cannot.


  ·  Complete strip down and removal of casing indoor unit, including removal of drip tray where possible.

  ·  Clean filters.

  ·  Cleaning of external condenser coil.

  ·  Coil clean the indoor evaporator.

  ·  Check refrigerant.

  ·  Temp check.

  ·  Function check.

  ·  Anti mould removal and clean all indoor parts.

  ·  Anti Bacteria and mould spray.

Mould inside your air conditioner: The most dangerous type of mould is the kind that's hidden and undetected, it spreads rapidly throughout your room, exposing you and your family to countless health problems. 

If you do detect slight mould, at either mild to low moderate levels, you can remove it through thorough cleaning, exposure to sunlight, and through proper ventilation.

However, detecting and removing mould is far trickier with central air conditioning systems. Most people aren't even aware that mould can and probably is inside your air ducts and vents.  If you have several of the symptoms listed above, but are confident that your home doesn't have mould, chances are it's hidden in your central AC system. Air conditioner systems are one of the main mould producing appliances because they are a highly suitable environment for fungus. 

The high density of moisture and dust makes this a perfect breeding ground.


Australia Carpet Cleaning


Why we at Australia Carpet Cleaning: Clean Drier - Clean Better - Clean Greener & Healthier

  1. Electrodry Carpet Dry Cleaning Carpets are walk on dry straight away
  2. The Electrodry service leaves no Detergent Residue
  3. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch!
  4. The Electrodry system really does remove more stains than any other process.
  5. The original chemical balance in the carpet will be restored leaving your carpets looking naturally brighter.
  6. Your carpets are guaranteed not to shrink or stretch!
  7. The Healthguard™ in the Electrodry cleaning system removes harmful germs, bacteria and fungi from the carpet as part of the cleaning process.
  8. No wet smell after cleaning - just a light fresh lemon fragrance


The Electrodry Cleaning process includes:

  1. Electrodry Carpet CleaningAn industrial strength vacuum with rotating brushes is used to remove dry soils from the carpet and open the fibres up to receive the special process.
  2. Any particular distinguished stains are pre-treated with our solvent based dry cleaning solution or our specialised stain removal products ensuring best results**. Other stains are removed from the carpet as part of our process outlined below.
  3. Your carpets are treated with our exclusive dry cleaning solution. The solution removes stains that require an alkaline to remove them and at the same time with the embodied solvents acts to release and capture the oily soils from the carpet fibres. A think fibre absorbent pad that has been immersed in a hot acidic conditioning rinse, then wrung out, is applied to the carpet under a rotary machine that rotates the pad around on the carpet. The dry cleaning solution and the conditioning

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    Electrodry's range of cleaning services received "exclusive approval" from the National Asthma Council of Australia
    rinse, when combined, act together to release the oily soils from the carpet. The oily soils migrate up the fibre and are collected in the absorbent pad. The pads are continually changed during the process until the room is completely cleaned. The reaction between the Dry Cleaning solution and the acidic conditioning solution leases your carpet with the correct pH balance. It is the correct pH balance that rejuvenates the colour of your carpet.
  4. For the best possible results, your carpet is groomed after cleaning.

The Australia Guarantee

14 day Satisfaction GuaranteeElectrodry gives all of its clients a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied we will re-clean your carpets free of charge.

**Some dye and acid based stains cannot be removed with general carpet cleaning systems and require specialised stain removal processes unique to that stain.